All About Smoke Inn’s Advent Calendar

Smoke Inn's Advent Calendar is one of the treat's of the season.

At Smoke Inn, two things we love are tradition and what we like to think of as our version of ‘fan service. The latter comes mainly in the form of continuously coming up with new and different ways to help all of you discover and enjoy new cigars. Ideally, we expose you to smokes you may not have tried otherwise and you fall in love with some of them. We also aim to deliver real value to regular cigar smokers so you don’t have to compromise on quality to enjoy this luxuriant pastime regularly. As for the tradition part, the cigar industry itself is steeped in tradition. While there’s strong innovation in the field, the time-honored ways of doing things are properly revered always. Most of us find that as a comfort. Especially in a world that seems to be changing so fast sometimes.

But…What is an Advent Calendar?

Let’s start with what Advent is, since not everyone knows. Advent is a season or period that many Christians observe as a sort of preparation for Christmas (and the ‘Second Coming’ of Christ). You could say it’s more or less the “official Christmas season” as seen by Christianity. In the most sects of Christianity, it begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, which falls on November 27th this year. No one is completely sure how the tradition of Advent began, but we do know it’s very, very old. At least 1500 years old anyway. Advent calendars are just what they sound like. Calendars to mark the days of Advent.

Advent calendars are pretty old too, beginning in the 1800s. Printed Advent calendars appeared in the early 1900s. But our story more properly begins in the 1958 when the first chocolate Advent calendar was introduced. Since then, there have been countless Advent calendars which include a little treat for each day (either the 24 days before Christmas or the 12 days of Christmas). Chocolate is a popular option, but there are licorice and other Advent “treat” calendars which serve as a unique way to celebrate this special time of year. This is the tradition which inspired our Smoke Inn Advent Calendar which includes 25 fantastic cigars. The 2022 Smoke Inn Advent Calendar can be ordered beginning Wednesday, October 19th. You’ll want to set a reminder for that!


Smoke Inn’s Advent Calendar

Our Smoke Inn Advent Calendar began last year and we’re proud to bring it back for everyone in 2022. Our Advent calendar features 24 special cigars, one for each of the days in December before Christmas and a 25th cigar for Christmas which is a extra special selection. All of the cigars are kept a secret prior to the Smoke Inn Advent Calendar’s release. The rest of the cigars in our Smoke Inn Advent Calendar for 2022 will be very special too, all hand picked by our fearless leader, Honest Abe Dababneh. The tradition we’ve established is that the cigars go up in relative value as we get closer to Christmas. You’re guaranteed a killer value overall as well because this is Smoke Inn and you know how we do things.

To give you an example, the retail value of the 2022 Smoke Inn Advent Calendar box is almost $400, but we sell it for $269. In addition, the amazing smokes and that 25th pièces de resistance cigar, are all presented in a beautifully designed box which makes an outstanding collector’s item. The packaging alone won accolades as one of the top 10 cigar packages of the year from Half Wheel’s The Packaging Awards, which is no small thing. The beautiful box arrangement makes it an exceptional Christmas gift for the cigar lover that matters most in your life, or just a truly elegant way for you to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas by savoring some super tasty sticks handpicked for you by our resident expert, Mr. Dababneh.


Special Perks of the Smoke Inn Advent Calendar for 2022

There are some special perks to mention for the 2022 Smoke Inn Advent Calendar in particular. The first is that we have a small cache of the 2021 Smoke Inn Advent Calendars still available at a nice discount. If you order in time, you can snag it for just $194.95. Or you can order both the discounted 2021 Advent and the new 2022 Advent calendar for a total of just $395! That gets you 48 amazing cigars at a substantial discount, plus two extra-special cigars that’ll have the rest of your herf crew green with envy. The 2022 Calendar also comes with one of Smoke Inn’s highly collectible commemorative coins made especially for this event only. Grab a 2022 as a gift and get the 2021 for yourself or get ‘em both for yourself if you’ve been extra-good this year.

That’s not all though, there’s one more reveal. This year’s 25th cigar is an absolute banger. All we’re allowed to say about about it is that it is a very rare and coveted cigar which isn’t available for sale anywhere at any price. True story. In fact, unless you’re extremely well-connected with a certain individual in the upper echelons of cigar master blender world, this will likely be the only way you’ll lay your hands on one. No joke. Last years Smoke Inn Advent Calendar included cigars from Dunbarton T&T, My Father, Drew Estate, Aganorsa Leaf, Tatuaje, EPC, Fuente, Padron, Perdomo and more. We’re never content to rest on our laurels here, so we really aimed to knock it out of the park with the 2022 Smoke Inn Advent Calendar. We promise you will not be disappointed. The 2022 Smoke Inn Advent Calendar and discounted 2021 calendars can be ordered beginning Wednesday, October 19th, while supplies last. Will you be able to hold out and smoke them on schedule and in order? Or will you dive in head first or share some of the cigars with others? Join us in the Smoke Inn Social lounge and tell us how you plan to enjoy your Smoke Inn Advent Calendar. We only produce a limited number and there are even less of the 2021 calendars in our reserve stocks, so don’t sleep on this, guys!


Smoke Inn is Your Cigar Place

Your local cigar place is more than just a spot to grab some cigars and go. If they’re doing it right, and we believe we are, then there is a sense of atmosphere there. Your cigar place should have a vibe that makes you happy to be there and want to spend some time. The highly anticipated 2022 Smoke Inn Advent Calendar can be ordered beginning Wednesday, October 19th along with the option to buy a 2021 Advent Cigar calendar at a discount along with it, or by itself (while supplies last). We can’t think of any better way to get in the Christmas spirit for a cigar smoker or any better give for an aficionado. One more very important note: Tickets for 2023’s The Great Smoke go on sale November 1st so set a reminder right now if you haven’t already. Smoke Inn has some very cool stuff to come as we wrap up 2022, so stay tuned we’ll see you at the shop.

As always, if you’re local or happen to be visiting South Florida, be sure to reward yourself with a visit to one of the country’s best cigar shops in person. We’d love to see you.


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