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Dominican cigar production

Cigar Producing Regions: The Dominican Republic

Where Cigars Are Made vs. Where Tobacco is Grown. In our “Where Do Cigars Come From” piece we took a broad look at the history of tobacco cultivation and cigar production. The truth is that handcrafting cigars is an art and skill. There are more countries and regions which produce …

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Byron cigar

What’s New in Cigars at the PCA 2022

The PCA Convention & International Trade Show The annual PCA Convention & International Trade Show is the place to be if you want to hear about the latest cigar types and the top cigars 2022 has to offer. This exclusive show, presented by the Premium Cigar Association is only open …

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Dominican cigars grown in paradise

Dominican Cigars: An Overview

Dominican Cigars With its tropical climate and rich, loamy island soil, The Dominican Republic was always a perfect place for tobacco cultivation and cigar production. But it wasn’t until the 1959 Cuban Revolution and subsequent American embargo that the Dominican cigar industry really took off. With Cuba largely out of …

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Cigars and Cards

Cigars and Noble Pastimes

While Enjoying a Cigar For our last installment in the Cigars With series, we’re going to look at some of our favorite things to do while enjoying a cigar. Cigar smokers as a group are pretty diverse, but there’s definitely some hobbies and pastimes that many of us share. Who …

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Drew Estate’s Pope of Greenwich Village Returns as Smoke Inn Micro Blend Series Exclusive

Drew Estate’s Pope of Greenwich Village will soon be available again as part of Smoke Inn’s famed Micro Blend Series. The 2022 launch of the limited-edition cigars will be available in late July exclusively at Smoke Inn. A collection of rare, small batch cigars, Smoke Inn’s Micro Blend Series is …

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Cigars and Mocktails

Pairing Cigars with Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Cigars and Mocktails So far, we’ve looked at pairing cigars with traditional libations containing alcohol, like port wine, cognac, Scotch and bourbon and pairings with cuisine. In this installment we dive into cigar pairing with non-alcoholic beverages. More and more people are forgoing alcohol either some or all of the …

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Cigar with steak

Pairing Cigars with Food

Pairing Cigars with Food In part one of this series, we looked at some of the most popular pairings of cigars with alcoholic drinks like Scotch Whisky, bourbon, cognac and port. In part two, we dive into non-alcoholic pairings with meals. Fine cigars offer such a complex arrangement of flavors …

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Cigars freedom and history

Cigars, Tobacco and Freedom

Freedom Rings We thought for this Independence Day we’d look at the role cigars and tobacco played in our country’s freedom and the ways in which they continue to symbolize liberty today. With all that’s happening in the news lately, it’s easy to feel a little discouraged about the country’s …

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Cigars with cognac

Cigars With… (Part 1)

Pairing Cigars with Life If there’s one thing that can be said about cigar smokers, it’s that we like to live life with gusto. We’re generally not the type to be content to sit on the sidelines watching others savor all the goodness life has to offer. We’re enthusiastic about …

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Al Pacino smokes a cigar

Celebrities and Cigars

Cigars and Celebs If there’s anything we know about our fellow cigar smokers, it’s that they have character. Think about the people in your life who smoke cigars. Is there a single mild and mediocre person among them? Of course not. People who smoke cigars are all different to be …

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