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Protocol Jane Doe 2.0
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Protocol Jane Doe 2.0

First there was the limited-edition Protocol John Doe cigar in early 2019. This was followed by a spinoff known as Protocol Jane Doe later that year. Hungry for more, cigar enthusiasts were treated to the Protocol John Doe 2.0 in 2020 and now its counterpart: Protocol Jane Doe 2.0, an exclusive limited release through Smoke Inn Cigars.

As the term "John/Jane Doe" is used by law enforcement to describe an unidentified male or female, the theme that binds each of these cigars together is their unidentified tobacco blends. All that is known with Protocol Jane Doe 2.0 is the cigar's size (6" x 50), origin (La Zona Cigar Factory in Nicaragua), and quantity (limited to 200 bundles of 10 cigars). The rest is up to each individual palate, allowing you to solve the mystery and identify the many flavorful intricacies of this fine-tuned blend.

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6 x 50


Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
Strength : Medium