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La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull

La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull

Over the course of the last three years, La Flor Dominicana has showcased their craft by introducing special, limited cigars that feature the creative packaging, blending, and rolling skill of their family-owned operations in the Dominican Republic. In the same vein of LFD’s Chapter One (2013), Capitulo II (2014), and La Nox (2015) cigars, comes the new LFD Andalusian Bull.

Andalusian Bull draws inspiration from Spain’s famous toreros, offering the strength of the bull and the grace of the bullfighter. It is in the southern region of Spain, an area known as Andalusia, that the sport (and cattle breed) is perhaps most well-known.

Andalusian Bull arrives in a singular figurado vitola, allowing La Flor to showcase the ideal performance for this special blend. Beginning at a 52 ring gauge, the unique shape expands to a maximum of 64, before returning to the smaller gauge, just before being cut to shape at the Salomon-esque foot. La Flor switches gears from the near-black, maduro blend of La Nox; offering a more traditional Habano, complete with the brand’s signature, powerful strength. Dark Ecuadorian Corojo leaf is wrapped over a special binder and filler, which use La Flor’s own tobaccos, grown on their famed La Canela farm in the Dominican Republic. This is where the blend receives its signature strength, featuring some of LFD’s most powerful tobaccos in their arsenal! Complex and full-bodied, Andalusian Bull makes for a rollercoaster ride of full and evolving flavors throughout - a must-try smoking experience from one of the most prized manufacturers out of the Dominican Republic.

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  • Country of Orgin : Dominican Republic
  • Strength : Full
  • Wrapper : Corojo


Pack: 10
Size: 6.5 x 64
Smoke Inn Price : $179.00
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Pack: 5
Size: 6.5 x 64
Smoke Inn Price : $89.50
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Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • Kevin Shahan - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    I don't know why people like this cigar.
    I want to like it, I've smoked it several times, but it's just not a cigar that fits my taste profile.
    I wish I could tell you why I don't like it, but I can't. There is just something about this cigar that is off-pudding to me.
  • Michelle Pauser - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    It's a commitment for sure being a hefty smoke in size and strength, but if you have some food in your belly and time to relax for the journey, this is a worthy contender for a long haul smoke. Complex and full of strength, it's one I like to have on hand when I can find them. My only issue is burn/construction can be inconsistent. It's one I have to babysit and I don't like to babysit my cigars unless I'm mentally prepared and it's worth it.
  • Jarrod Raimann - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    I was lucky enough to be able to snag one of these as part of the CRA 2021 pack, and have it tucked away for a special occasion!
  • Griselda Rodriguez - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    I absolutely love this cigar. A well full-bodied smoke with hints of white pepper and earthiness throughout. I had the opportunity to purchase a few. Some construction issues for sure. Had to relight several times in order for it to stay lit. Make sure you have a full stomach before smoking this beauty cuz it will knock your socks off.
  • John Kenny - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    This is not your typical powerful LFD. I tried my first Bull around the time of The Great Smoke 2022, when i had the awesome experience of visiting the Mother Ship itself. I don't know why they decided to make this cigar, but I'm sure glad they did. Mellower than most LFDs, it weighs in at just about medium strength and medium bodied. It has that aged tobacco smoothness, that's almost deceiving. Tons of creamy smoke. Very well packed, but the draw is easy. I smoke a bit slow and get about two pleasurable hours out of these.
  • Michael Cruz - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    complex, full body, full flavor stick that packs a punch. Don't eat on an empty stomach.
  • Ryan Nehus - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    Everyone freaks out about this cigar and I don’t understand. Is it the different shape? It was not a bad stick by any means but it is far from my top 10.
  • Jeremy Caudill - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    This is a fan favorite cigar for sure. The box presentation is very classy and the vitola make it a very unique cigar. The flavors make it a great cigar to smoke after lunch.
  • JACOB NEELY - La Flor Andalusian Bull
    Unique vitola and exceptional blend. I hated my first one and loved my second one. Having revisited it a few more times I can say that this is a fantastic cigar for my palate. Complex and rich. Only drawback is inconsistent construction from my experience.

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