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JSK Munchies Rocky Road
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JSK Munchies Rocky Road

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5 x 50


Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
Strength : Medium
Wrapper : Varies

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Customer Reviews

  • Michelle Pauser - JSK Munchies Rocky Road (Verified buyer)
    Marshmallow, chocolate...YESSSSS. The aroma will make you swoon, the taste is like getting a mouthful of rocky road without the calories or annoying sweetness. I'm not a flavored cigar person. These changed my mind. The flavors aren't overpowering, you can still taste the quality tobacco with each draw. Definitely would NOT appeal to children!
  • Quinton Nation - JSK Munchies Rocky Road (Verified buyer)
    Do you get late night cravings for something a little sweet? Well instead of reaching for that tub of ice cream, how about you grab a Munchies to satisfy your craving. No fat, no carbs, but same great flavor.
  • Shawn Albers - JSK Munchies Rocky Road (Verified buyer)
    Who’s got the munchies?… I got the munchies! Rocky road is a solid stick. I enjoy having these in the morning with a cup of coffee! Really nice flavors.
  • Matthew Hartzell - JSK Munchies Rocky Road (Verified buyer)
    Not a huge fan of chocolate, so I was hesitant to buy a pack, but I sure am glad I did!

    Hints of Chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers. Completely blown away once again by these “flavored cigars”.
  • Hugh Applegate - JSK Munchies Rocky Road (Verified buyer)
    Usually not a huge fan of enhanced or flavored cigars. Usually the taste are just wrong or too forced. Tried the Rocky Road from JSK, got to say not bad at all. The cigar was well made, razor burn that lasted the entire session without relight. The smell and the taste are AMAZING. Definitely getting more of these.
  • Michelle Pauser - JSK Munchies Bananas Foster (Verified buyer)
    My favorite of the Munchies so far. Bananas Foster isn't over the top with the banana (I don't like banana flavored anything) but more forward on the dessert as a whole with quality tobacco, not scraps put together and flavor added to mask low quality. Riste hit it out of the park with this one. I love it paired with morning nespresso or a quality sipping rum (Kirk & Sweeney 23 is my go-to).
  • Quinton Nation - JSK Munchies Bananas Foster (Verified buyer)
    What a great flavored cigar!!!! Wow, never thought I would say that. Riste has done it again with this addition to the Munchies line. With a process that only he knows, this is a cigar infused with all natural flavors. It's subtle while being evident, really the best of both worlds. I gave one to my gf that's never smoked, now I think I got her hooked, she wants some every weekend.
  • Matthew Hartzell - JSK Munchies Bananas Foster (Verified buyer)
    First and foremost, I HATE flavored cigars, but this was no ordinary flavored cigar. Banana, cinnamon and brown sugar upon first whiff of the bag and the flavors continued during my experience with this cigar. I don’t understand how they’re able to do this, but this cigar hits all the right notes
  • Bradlee Wilson - JSK Munchies Bananas Foster (Verified buyer)
    JSK is avant-garde in their bananas foster cigar with their new age infusion! Riste stands against all odds *cough FDA cough* to prove that infusion/flavored has a spot in the cigar world. A+ cigar, if you're considering going for it!
  • Steven Pitts - JSK Munchies Bananas Foster (Verified buyer)
    This was just okay for me. They are pretty moist right out of the pack and don’t burn super well.