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Gurkha Ghost Exorcist - 5 Pack
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Gurkha Ghost Exorcist - 5 Pack

Gurkha Ghost Exorcist
6 x 60


Country of Orgin : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Maduro

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Customer Reviews

  • Michael Anderson - Gurkha Ghost Angel Tube
    A wonderful cigar. Beautiful dark flavors choosing one of the best Gurkha has to offer
  • Bradlee Wilson - Gurkha Ghost Asura (Verified buyer)
    Gurkha Cigars doesn’t always have the best reputation in the industry. However this is our lives of his name being a ghost hiding in the shadows of other great cigar makers. To me the cigar lives up to many expectations and is flavorful, consistent and good for the price. While the name of the brand might leave a bad taste in many people’s mouths the cigar left my palate happy. Providing Rich chalky like buttery smoke the Gurka ghost performs on an A+ level
  • Jarrod Raimann - Gurkha Ghost Exorcist
    A pretty decent smoke. I had one I had been holding onto for awhile, then got another, so I decided to smoke the first! Glad I still have a second one!
  • Aaron Brown - Gurkha Ghost Exorcist
    The Exorcist is alot like the Asura to be honest, comprisable profiles and over all a similar smoke. It wont let you down.
  • Kevin Shahan - Gurkha Ghost Shadow
    Yea yea yea, you don't Gurkha, and neither does everyone else.
    But have you had the Ghost?
    There is a reason that when people say they don't like Gurkha they always follow up with "but I do like the Ghost".
    This cigar is strong and has some oomph behind it.
    Smoke it after a heavy meal and tell me you didn't like it?
    I'll call you a liar.
    Pick up a five pack because this is about to become one of your go-to cigars.
  • Tony McDowell - Gurkha Ghost Shadow
    If you like bold , in your face flavors then Gurka is for you. This cigar is very peppery, leathery, and right to the point!
  • Matthew Hartzell - Gurkha Ghost Asura - 5 Pack
    My absolute favorite Gurkha when I first started with cigars so many years ago. Great construction and flawless performance every single time.