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Diet Sarsaparilla by Espinosa & Cigar Dojo

Diet Sarsaparilla by Espinosa & Cigar Dojo

Fans of Espinosa and Cigar Dojo are well familiarized with the duo’s vintage-themed Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla releases, using dark Mexican wrappers and all-Nicaraguan fillers to offer a unique profile that is sometimes likened to sarsaparilla soda in profile. Now, for the first time, the legendary “Sassy” receives its counterpart smoking experience with the Diet Sarsaparilla.

As the Sarsaparilla is a special project for the Espinosa and Dojo teams, the task of blending a light-wrapped variant was not taken lightly. This begins with a bronze-hued Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, which is secured over the cigar’s pièce de résistance—a double binder that includes both Nicaraguan and Mexican tobaccos. This allows for continuity from the Mexican-wrapped original to the smooth (yet surprisingly full) experience of Diet Sarsaparilla. Finally, the cigar includes all-Nicaraguan fillers from the Jalapa and Condega regions. Only 500 bundles of 10 cigars were made.

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Pack: 10
Size: 6 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $120.00
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Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $60.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Michelle Pauser - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    Dude. DUUUUUUUDE. The Sarsaparilla is a great smoke, but the Diet is KILLER!!!! I waited on buying a pack 'cause diet?!?!?!?!? How could it be good? Then I saw a post by Alex saying how great it was and I succumbed to the peer pressure. It's BETTER than the Sarsaparilla! The pepper up front was a surprise I loved and the flavors...oh, just beautiful. We have both in the humidor and when deciding which one to grab, it's usually the DIET. What a wonderful flavor packed cigar!
  • Quinton Nation - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive
    Erik and the guys from the Dojo, do it yet again! What a great cigar, made for a great group. DOOOOOJJJJJJJOOOOOOO LOVE!
  • Christopher Barnett - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive
    So much better than the original. Burns great, a little mild for me, draw is a little tough.
  • James Young - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    This just might be the best Connecticut cigar out there. Plenty of spice and cream. Just fantastic.
  • Kenneth Stewart II - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive
    Great cigar, it’s hard to find anything made by Espinosa that’s not good!
  • Bradlee Wilson - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    One of the hidden gems out of TGS22 is the Diet Sarsaparilla! A lighter shade of the original Sarsaparilla creates a great smoke!
  • Ryan Miller - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    I love the org Sassy but the Diet is one of my favorite morning cigars. I loved everything about this cigar. It has a perfect mix of pepper and cream with zero bitterness that you can get from conns sometimes
  • Michael Cruz - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive
    Like the original Sarsaparilla with a twist, they changed the wrapper to a connecticut shade. This gives it a more mild nutty notes that you will enjoy, construction still on point which is customary for Espinosa Cigars
  • Chad M - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    I got my first pack at the great smoke; and then had to buy more. This is a really lighter stick with a creamy flavor; not much spice which is nice. Solid construction and even burn everytime
  • Steven Pitts - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    This one was a little too light bodied for me. I’ll have to try the recommendation of others and have one in the early morning with my coffee.
  • Chad Manson - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    I love the original sassy that this purchase was a no-brainer. This one is a light and creamy, nutty smoke that I prefer in the am. Solid burn and ash too!
  • Jeremy Caudill - Diet Sarsaparilla - TGS2022 Exclusive (Verified buyer)
    This cigar is light bodied with explosive flavors. Great cigar to have with your coffee in the morning.

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