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Vegafina Nicaraguan Corona - Clearance
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Vegafina Nicaraguan Corona - Clearance

Looking for that bold Nicaraguan spice with finesse and a more refined approach? Meet VegaFina Nicaragua - this traditionally European brand has set aside their Dominican tobaccos and opted for the soil-rich leafs of Nicaragua for their newest project; one that blends complex delicacies with that signature Nicaraguan spice you've come to love.

When VegaFina set their sites on Nicaraguan tobacco, they didn't just half-heartedly cap off a Dominican blend with a Nica-wrapper. This is a full-on puro! Concentrating on the Jalapa region of Nicaragua, VegaFina has chosen an ultra-premium wrapper leaf of Habana 2000, as well as a Nicaraguan binder (Jalapa), and fillers from Estelí and Jalapa.

As stated, this is not your typical Nicaraguan; yes, there is pepper-spice and earth, but it's the delicate nuances of cream, dark berries, hay, and coffee that make this a fully-balanced, complex experience.

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4 x 42


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Customer Reviews

  • Kenneth Stewart II - Saint Luis Rey Carenas Robusto
    Good cigar, hints of spice, medium bodied, great smoke output, recommend a try
  • Marshall Henry - Saint Luis Rey Carenas Robusto
    Medium bodied masterpiece. This is a delicious medium body smoke with notes of light leather and cabinet spices. The unique Honduran broadleaf binder and Nicaragua wrapper come together to create a delicious unique smoke.
  • Albert Anguiano - Saint Luis Rey Carenas Robusto
    COTM Cigar and love the smoke output and zestiness
  • Sean Correia - Saint Luis Rey Carenas Toro (Verified buyer)
    Do not sleep on this cigar, it is smooth and creamy with peppery spices, coffee, and some hints of sweeteness. I would say it is med-bodied.
  • Nicholas Neher - Saint Luis Rey Carenas Toro
    I received this cigar in the smoke inn COTM. This was my favorite cigar in the pack that month and it had a ton of flavor
  • David Freeman - Saint Luis Rey Carenas Toro
    Hadn’t had this brand yet before the Advent calendar.
    That said, excellent cigar. The Honduran Broadleaf binder lends some excellent pepper spice, and light earth. The Nicaraguan wrapper gives a great cedar note, and the Honduran fillers round things out nicely. Typical Honduran sweetness and bread notes meld nicely.

    Will buy again!!