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CAO Orellana

First there was the CAO Amazon Basin; then there was the Fuma Em Corda; finally, the Amazon trilogy came to a close, debuting the Amazon Anaconda. Only this was not the end of the Amazon for CAO—as with Michael Corleone in The Godfather: Part III—just when CAO thought they were out (of the Amazon), they get pulled back in!

Yes, the trilogy has become a tetralogy, with the CAO Orellana becoming the fourth unique blend in this one-of-a-kind collection. Fans of the Amazon series will find a familiar experience with Orellana, as the cigar makes use of both Brazilian Bragança (the signature ingredient from the original Amazon Basin) and Brazilian Fuma Em Corda (the signature ingredient in the second cigar in the Amazon series). But CAO wasn't content with only two Amazonian leaves, cranking the dial up to eleven with Amazon Orellana and finalizing the blend in a Brazilian Cubra (Cuban seed) wrapper. As a final measure in tipping the scale for Amazon fanatics, the cigar's signature "smokeable band" now winds its way from head to toe, allowing for an extra kick of twisted Brazilian leaf throughout the entire smoking experience!

With a new combination of Brazilian-fueled tobaccos, smokers can expect a familiar, yet new and fascinating experience. The Orellana clocks in at medium-plus in body, unloading with earthy flavors from the get-go, including deep characteristics of mineral (like the smell of rain), tangy sourdough, leather, black pepper, burnt caramel, and heavy doses of espresso.

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