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CAO Amazon Basin

CAO Amazon Basin

In 2014, CAO made headlines in the premium cigar industry by taking their exploratory World Series to new heights, delving deep into the Amazon rainforest for inspiration. CAO has long been known for incorporating South American tobaccos, such as with the popular Brazilia and Colombia cigars, but Amazon Basin took this concept a step further, focusing on an untamed tobacco known as Bragança.

The legendary Amazon Basin cigar was quick to sell out, but CAO brought the blend back for a second run in 2016. This was then followed by two sequel cigars in 2017, amounting to a full trilogy of Amazonian cigars. Now, CAO is taking a victory lap, offering a final, limited edition run of the cigar that started it all—Amazon Basin.

For this unique blend, Ernest Gocaj (aka the Indiana Jones of the cigar world) ventured into the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, where he discovered the indigenous tobacco known as Bragança. This unique leaf is grown without modern techniques, such as tilling, fertilizing, and clear-cutting. Instead, the villagers venture deeper into the jungle for each harvest (as they have done for centuries), plating the tobacco in virgin soil. The harvested leaves are then cured and fermented in an unusual fashion; rolling the tobacco in long, rope-bound and snake-like bundles known as carottes. After fermentation, the carottes are transported to Nicaragua, where the tobaccos become the core identifier of the Amazon Basin.

The full Amazon Basin blend consists of an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and fillers of Dominican and Colombian tobaccos that accentuate the Brazilian Bragança leaf. The rolled cigars are finished with a smokeable band (always fun!) of tightly rolled tobacco. Expect a medium-full body and unique flavors of earth, black pepper, raisons, chocolate, fermented fruit, and leather.

This Limited Product is no longer available. You might want to check other great lines from CAO like CAO Brazillia, CAO Flathead, and CAO Italia.

  • Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
  • Wrapper : Natural


Pack: 18
Size: 6 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $209.95
Retail Price: $234.00
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Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $65.00
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Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • Kevin Shahan - CAO Amazon Basin
    This cigar is almost impossible to find anywhere because it's the hottest cigar that has come out of CAO since the Brazilia!
    It's got some spice, it's got some sweetness, it's got that CAO tang that we all know and love. If you can get a box, pick one up because these are super hard to find!
  • Shawn OConnor - CAO Amazon Basin (Verified buyer)
    This cigar has won the most unique flavors on the market. It is earthy but yet rich. The band is wrapped cigar leaf. It is a bold cigar but not peppery. The best cigar that CAO makes.
  • James Young - CAO Amazon Basin
    This is the most unique flavor profile I’ve had. It’s amazingly good. I hope they continue to make it.
  • Derek Moon - CAO Amazon Basin
    Not impressed I gave one a try. The smoke out put was lacking and the flavor was just okay. I think it got a little over hyped
  • Jeremy Caudill - CAO Amazon Basin
    I wasn’t a fan of these at first but after about 6 to 10 months of sitting in my humidor, WOW! This cigar is delicious!

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