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Arturo Fuente Rare Pink 1960

Arturo Fuente Rare Pink 1960

As many are aware of the honorable Fuente family's numerous charitable contributions over the years, it should've come as little surprise when the company transformed its image to pink during 2020 in support of breast cancer awareness.

For many, this would've been as far as the gesture reached, yet the Fuentes went much further, introducing a special cigar project known as Arturo Fuente Rare Pink Vintage 1960s Series. The concept was spearheaded by Liana Fuente, daughter of Carlos Fuente Jr., who has lost both her grandmother and aunt to breast cancer. This disease is the second-most common cancer in the U.S., causing the deaths of 40,000 women in America each year. In addition to swapping the Fuentes' iconic red color scheme for pink and introducing the Rare Pink Vintage 1960s Series, the Fuentes are donating $13 from every box sold to The American Cancer Society.

The Rare Pink Vintage 1960s Series cigars are a sub-class of the Fuentes' famed Hemingway line, with a set of four sizes being rolled in classic figurado shapes. Additionally, the Hemingway's Cameroon wrapper has been swapped for an Ecuadorian leaf, which is secured over a multi-country binder/filler recipe, including the notable inclusion of Nicaraguan tobacco grown on the Fuentes' farms of Estelí. This makes for an exciting, medium-bodied smoking experience, offering equal parts flavor and goodwill for cigar enthusiasts and the strong women in all of our lives.

Due to the limited availability of this product, it is not sold online. For availability and to order, please call 561-721-2383. Also check out the original Hemmingway Series by Arturo Fuente.

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