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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man and The Legend

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man and The Legend

It's no secret that the Fuente family produces some of the most sought-after cigars the world over. Aside from their regularly produced offerings, or even their more limited, seasonally released favorites, the company has been known to set aside small collections of their most exceptional tobaccos, reserved for rare instances when only the finest will do. Such is the case with Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man and The Legend, a rare collection crafted by Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. in commemoration of his father, Carlos Fuente Sr., who passed in 2016 at the age of 81 years.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man and The Legend is a two-piece collection, with "The Man" representing a special cigar, while "The Legend" showcases a finely crafted desktop-style humidor. Don Carlos The Man was hand-crafted by Carlito himself, using an undisclosed recipe that is heavily inspired from his father's legendary Don Carlos blend. While the only hinted change is that the cigar includes added filler tobaccos from the Fuente's Chateau de la Fuente farms in the Dominican Republic, it is the experience that matters most. The cigar is sweeter than the average Fuente, bringing smokers a true celebration-class offering, showing a full body and deep complexities of sweet florals, cedar wood, chocolate, nut-like browned butter, and a unique buttermilk component.

Arturo Fuente The Legend is a special 150-count humidor that will outclass nearly anything currently occupying the desktops of even the most discerning aficionado. The humidor is black with wood accents, as well as familiar imagery of the Fuente family and their farms adorning the lid. A removable interior tray allows for double-decker storage, but it is a secret tray on the underside of the humidor's backside that is most impressive. A gold button shows a replication of Don Carlos "The Man" Fuente's fingerprint; when pressed, a lower tray is exposed. This compartment is ideal for storing one's most valuable cigars, accessories, and more.

When commemorating one of the most influential artisans of, not only the last century, but the vast history of cigarmaking itself, enthusiasts can be assured that Arturo Fuente will deliver.

Due to the limited availability of this product, it is not sold online. For availability and to order, please call 561-721-2383. You may also want to check out the original Don Carlos cigars by Arturo Fuente.

  • Strength : Medium
  • Wrapper : Cameroon


Pack: 20
Size: 5.25 x 50
Smoke Inn Price : $359.95
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  • Griselda Rodriguez - Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man
    Although this is a very difficult to find cigar, when its available It is a must smoke. I am lucky to say I still have roughly about 8 left . This is truly a well balanced, well blended and well wrapped smoke. The flavors for me are hints of cinnamon with earthiness that keeps wanting you to have another.

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