7-20-4 Toro - 5 Pack
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7-20-4 Toro - 5 Pack
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7-20-4 Toro - 5 Pack

7-20-4 Toro - 5 Pack
6 x 52


Country of Orgin : Honduras
Strength : Medium-Full
Wrapper : Maduro

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Customer Reviews

  • Kenneth Stewart II - 7-20-4 Corona
    Good cigar, mild to medium strength, lots of smoke
  • Christopher Barnett - 7-20-4 Toro
    COTM cigar. Good construction, didn’t get many notes until 1/2 way through the cigar. Probably won’t be on my “to buy” list.
  • Jesse Trimble - 7-20-4 Toro
    Got this cigar in the Smoke Inn Cigar Club and it was delicious. I loved the history behind it and that is being born again.
  • Bradlee Wilson - 7-20-4 Toro
    Really enjoyed this cigar that came out of the COTM club. Lots of rich dark notes like cocoa, hay and candied figs. Really nice reboot of a brand!
  • Darrin Boren - 7-20-4 Toro
    Don't let the low cost fool you. This is a solid cigar with medium to full body and great construction. You can't go wrong with this one.
  • Albert Anguiano - 7-20-4 Toro
    This was a tasty cigar. Paired well with an Oktoberfest style beer. I
  • JEREMY DASHER - 7-20-4 Dog Walker (Verified buyer)
    I love reaching for this cigar when I want a quick smoke. The construction has been good on most of them that I have smoked. The flavor notes that I got from this cigar were: cedar, leather, coffee, pepper, and either cinnamon or clove. I rank it as medium to full.
  • Michael Cruz - 7-20-4 Dog Walker (Verified buyer)
    Great quick smoke, with good favor profile that's medium strength that will leave you wanting more for sure
  • Jonathan Lawson - 7-20-4 Dog Walker
    Great smoke with plenty of flavor. The size is perfect for the cooler weather smoking.