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In 1996, Smoke Inn™ began with a vision. This vision was not only to open a premium cigar store catering to all the needs of the tobacco user, but also to develop an atmosphere in which the rich traditions of cigar smoking could be experienced. Today that vision is real. With our 11 South Florida locations and 1 North Carolina location, not only do we hope to continue bringing the joys and adventures of cigar smoking to our many friends and patrons, but also to create the bonds and memorable times for all those who share our passion. In essence, our true mission statement is summed up best by our slogan. Bringing Old Traditions To New Friends.
Abe Dababneh

Smoke Inn™ Proprietor
Abe " MING" Dababneh

A long time ago, when I was operating a single average sized cigar store, many people were kind enough to constantly advise me, "You need to sell on the INTERNET!" I would always smile and kindly reply. "That is not a bad idea. Hopefully someday we will get an on-line store up and running." But deep inside, at that time, I couldn't have disagreed with them more. I felt it was our "Special Touch" and care that made us stand out. MY belief was that internet sales directly dismissed all that is sacred to cigar smoking. Who wants to save a dollar on a stick and sit by themselves at home and smoke a cigar. NOT ME. What I feel is most valued is that unspoken joy of sharing our passion with one another. They say misery loves company, well I believe that the opposite does as well. Who wants to have great times alone. Well needless to say, over a decade and 11 additional locations later, that ideology has helped us become South Florida's #1 premier cigar shops.

Being in South Florida, a portion of our regular patrons are seasonal, spending months at a time in other parts of the country. Over the years it has often been said to us how they miss our shops when they are away and how they just cant seem to find the same experience. So it dawns upon us that there are many people who never get to experience what we share here everyday. So the question is asked, "Is it possible to build an on-line store that can share and simulate the experience of being at Smoke Inn™?"

Well, after many many hours of planning and developing, we felt now is OUR time to attempt this feat. Our goal was not just to build a site where one can find great deals and promotions, but to build a site that gives our patrons a sense of belonging. A place where they want to be. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this site and it is our sincerest wishes that your experience here is a memorable one. We accept the fact that we may never be the biggest or most profitable internet site, but that doesn't mean that we can't be the BEST.

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