Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro Cigar Review

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro

A Celebratory Delight: The Perdomo’s 30th Anniversary Maduro Cigar


Perdomo Cigars has long been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the world of premium cigars. In celebration of their 30th anniversary, they introduced the Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro, a cigar that pays homage to three decades of excellence in the industry. In this detailed review, we will explore the characteristics, flavor profile, construction, and overall experience of this exceptional cigar.

Appearance and Construction:

The Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro cigar is a visually striking masterpiece. It sports a dark, oily Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper that immediately grabs your attention. The wrapper is seamless, exhibiting minimal veins, and is expertly applied, reflecting the brand’s dedication to impeccable construction.

Upon inspection, the cigar feels firm to the touch, and there is a pleasing heft to it, indicating a well-packed blend of tobacco. The cap is neatly triple-capped, which bodes well for a clean cut and a controlled draw. The band is an absolutely a fine detailed work of art that is full of colors and the company’s legendary logo in the middle of it.

Flavor Profile:

Upon lighting the Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro, the initial draw introduces you to a rich and complex flavor profile that is both bold and refined. Here is a breakdown of the key flavor components:

  • Dark Cocoa: The Maduro wrapper imparts a dominant dark cocoa flavor that is decadently bitter-sweet. This chocolatey note persists throughout the smoking experience, providing a solid foundation for the other flavors to develop.
  • Espresso: A robust espresso note emerges, complementing the cocoa and adding a delightful layer of roasted depth to the cigar’s profile. It is not overly intense but rather elegantly balanced.
  • Black Pepper: A subtle but noticeable hint of black pepper spice dances on the palate, contributing to a well-rounded complexity that keeps the cigar interesting.
  • Earthiness: As you progress through the cigar, an earthy undertone becomes more pronounced, offering a natural, almost woody character that adds depth and balance to the overall experience.
  • Creamy Finish: Towards the final third, the flavors harmonize, and a creamy finish emerges, making for a smooth and satisfying conclusion to the smoking journey.

Burn and Draw:

The Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro exhibits exceptional burn characteristics. The burn line remains razor-sharp throughout, and the cigar produces a sturdy, compact ash that holds well. The draw is consistently smooth and effortless, allowing for ample smoke production without becoming too loose or too tight.

Strength and Body:

This cigar falls into the medium to full-bodied category, making it suitable for both seasoned cigar enthusiasts and those looking to explore a richer smoking experience. The strength builds gradually, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable progression of flavors.


The Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro cigar is a true testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It delivers a remarkable smoking experience with a complex flavor profile that evolves gracefully from start to finish. Its flawless construction, impressive burn, and balanced strength make it a standout choice for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating a special anniversary or simply seeking a top-tier cigar to savor.

This cigar is a worthy addition to Perdomo’s storied lineup and a fitting way to commemorate their 30th anniversary. It’s a must-try for aficionados seeking a premium cigar that exemplifies excellence in every aspect.

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Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro

Savor the moment, Mute life and Embrace the richness of the smoke.” ~ Sarge

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