El Mago Renegade

A Powerful Nicaraguan Journey

The El Mago Renegade is a full-bodied cigar targeted towards experienced palates. Crafted by Nicaragua’s own El Mago company, this cigar boasts a robust blend that promises a complex and flavorful smoking experience. Let’s delve deeper into its construction, flavor profile, and overall performance.

Construction and Appearance:

The El Mago Renegade features a box-pressed format, a popular choice for its aesthetic appeal and ability to concentrate flavors.  The cigar is dressed in a dark Mexican San Andrés Maduro wrapper, known for its rich color and earthy notes.  This cloaks a Habano binder and a core of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.  The presentation is further elevated by the unique square-shaped tubo container, making it a visually striking addition to any humidor.

Flavor Profile:

The El Mago Renegade lives up to its reputation as a full-bodied smoke. The first light greets you with a wave of earthiness, reminiscent of damp soil and dark chocolate. Hints of roasted coffee and campfire smokiness soon join the party, creating a robust base. As the cigar progresses, the profile evolves, revealing subtle notes of peppery spice and a touch of sweetness, possibly mocha or cocoa. The cool smoke temperature, achieved through the box-press and meticulous construction, allows these nuances to shine through without becoming overwhelming.

Burn and Draw:

The El Mago Renegade generally performs well in terms of burn and draw. The box-press contributes to a consistent burn, requiring minimal touch-ups. The draw is smooth and allows for ample smoke production with each puff. This is crucial for a full-bodied cigar, ensuring you can fully appreciate the complex flavors.

Strength and Body:

As mentioned earlier, the El Mago Renegade is a full-bodied cigar. This translates to a richer and more intense smoking experience compared to milder options.  New cigar smokers might find the strength overwhelming.  Experienced smokers will appreciate the boldness and the gradual evolution of the flavor profile.


The value proposition of the El Mago Renegade depends on your perspective. While not the most expensive cigar on the marke, it certainly falls on the premium end.  However, for experienced smokers seeking a complex and powerful Nicaraguan smoke, the quality construction, rich flavor profile, and unique presentation can justify the price tag.

Final Thoughts:

The El Mago Renegade is a well-made, full-bodied cigar that caters to experienced palates. Its Nicaraguan blend delivers a rich and complex smoking experience, with notes of earth, coffee, spice, and a touch of sweetness. The cool smoke, smooth draw, and consistent burn further elevate the experience. If you’re a seasoned cigar smoker seeking a powerful and flavorful journey, the El Mago Renegade is definitely worth exploring.

El Mago Renegade

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Savor the moment, Mute life and Embrace the richness of the smoke.” ~ Sarge 04/20/2024

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