Dominican Cigars: An Overview

The climate is perfect for the production of Dominican cigars.

Dominican Cigars

With its tropical climate and rich, loamy island soil, The Dominican Republic was always a perfect place for tobacco cultivation and cigar production. But it wasn’t until the 1959 Cuban Revolution and subsequent American embargo that the Dominican cigar industry really took off. With Cuba largely out of the picture for the American export market, The D.R. offered virtually the same growing conditions just a couple of hundred miles to the southeast. Dominican cigar tobacco grows in virtually the same climate as Cuba in soil with a similarly favorable level of iron, calcium and magnesium. This, of course, does not discount the unique contribution Dominican cigars have made to the craft and enjoyment of cigars. The cigars of the D.R. are very much their own thing. This article will explore some of our favorite Dominican brands and their offerings.


Arturo Fuente

No conversation about Dominican cigars would be complete without mentioning Arturo Fuente. Founded by patriarch, Arturo Fuente in 1912, it is one of the D.R.’s oldest brands. Like almost all of the best Dominican cigar producers, Arturo Fuente is a family business. Currently run by the family’s third generation chairman, Carlos “Carlito” P. Fuente, Jr. Carlito and his father Carlos A. Fuente (1935-2016) are largely credited with transforming the brand into an international standard. In many ways, Arturo Fuente represents the classic Caribbean cigar family dynasty. An independent producers, led by several successive generations. Born from hard work and sweat equity and surviving in the face of immense challenges.


A Few of our Favorite Cigars from Arturo Fuente

The Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva is one of the most desirable maduro cigars in the world. Crafted from their famous OpusX recipe and topped with a unique Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper aged in used cognac barrels. This is an exclusive smoke produced only in small batches. For something a little easier to obtain, but still extraordinarily special, look no further than the famous Arturo Fuente Hemingway line. You’ll find everything from mellow naturals to sweet, creamy Sungrowns and rich and indulgent maduros here. Another variation on the OpusX theme is the Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Series, These Dominican blends are wrapped in one of three wrapper styles: Natural (African Cameroon), Maduro (Connecticut Broadleaf), or Shade-Grown (Ecuadorian Connecticut) and sealed in Fuente’s signature cedar sleeves.



Another Dominican cigar brand that must be part of the discussion is Davidoff. Born out of the tumultuous years following World War II, Zino Davidoff built his reputation with the 1946 Château Latour, but it wouldn’t be until 1968 when the first cigars with the Davidoff brand on them were sold. Davidoff’s history in the Dominican Republic really begins in 1991 with the current Grand Cru Series, which remains the quintessential Davidoff cigar to this day. Made with a variety of carefully chosen Dominican tobacco fillers, including Piloto, San Vicente, and Olor varietals and finished with a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.


Some of our Favorite Davidoff Cigars

The medium-bodied Grand Cru Toro may be our favorite example of the line with its succulent notes of cedar, spice, nuts, and cream. If you appreciate a robust cigar, don’t miss the Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour. This superb smoke features Dominican varietals aged in Scotch whiskey barrels with Nicaraguan Visus and a San Andrés binder presented in a dark and oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Defined by oak and black pepper flavors with fresh ground coffee and spice and the suggestion of a smokey, honeyed Scottish Speyside single malt. Finally, if you prefer a milder cigar that still delivers complex flavor, the Davidoff Signature Series has some truly elegant options thar are sure to please the discriminating palate.


ADVentura Cigars

A newer Dominican cigar marque you may not yet be familiar with, ADVentura was founded in 2016 in a collaboration between Master Blender Henderson Ventura, son of Davidoff Master Blender, William Ventura and Marcel Knobel, a Swiss sommelier and producer of fine coffee. We’ve been truly impressed with the remarkably complex and mature creations coming out of this new house. The accolades they are receiving from the cigar press only confirms our take. If you have yet to sample any of their offerings, do yourself a favor. You can thank us later. We say the future looks very bright for ADVentura Cigars and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


ADVentura Cigars we Love

This brand has hard charged out of the gates with some world class smokes. One of the most impressive may be The Conqueror Comandante – Rated 96 overall by Cigar Bible and 92 overall by HalfWheel, this robusto masterpiece is worthy of even the choosiest gentleman’s humidor. ADVentura’s Queens Pearls is another ADVentura cigar not to be missed. Defined by the lingering flavor of aged vanilla surrounded by buttered toast, citrus and black tea, it’s a fine example of the complex flavor profile only the best master blenders are capable of creating. It also earned a score of 92 from HalfWheel. Last, but most definitely not least, there is ADVentura’s Kings Gold. With equal measures of sweetness and spice, it’s an indulgent and complex smoke. Notes of cinnamon, cocoa, dried fruit and an earthy finish all make an appearance here. It’s no wonder why it was ranked Best Dominican Cigar of 2020 by CigarsLover Magazine. Like we said, accolades and praise all around for this brand. Remember where you heard it.


Other Dominican Cigars to Consider

While Dominican cigars are generally known for their creamy and mellow, but complex flavor profiles, the truth is they are as diverse as any. The D.R. is blessed with a perfect climate for tobacco growing, but it also has a range of soil types and growing altitudes. All of that combined with the sheer amount of expertise and wisdom in the Dominican cigar industry makes for a diverse range of offerings. There really is something for everyone in the pantheon of D.R. cigar houses. There is much more to be said about them than would fit in a short article, so expect us to revisit the Dominican Republic’s cigar crafting heritage again in the near future.


La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

If you’re a fan of cigars that pack a punch, the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero lineup will not disappoint you. Try the Double Ligero Digger Maduro. This massive stick isn’t for the faint of heart, but we promise it’s sweet and rich chocolatey-leather spice with a mellow cedar draw will capture your attention and hold it.

Macanudo Cafe Barron De Rothschild

Smokers who like them mild, but tasty should check out the Macanudo Cafe Barron De Rothschild. Wrapped in delicate Connecticut Shade leaf with a tantalizing blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Mexican filler tobaccos, it rewards you with light wood notes complemented with a mellow herbal overtone with hints of nuts and cream.

Ashton Classic

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the world of Dominican cigars or you’re a seasoned traveler, the Ashton Classic is a fine example of a cigar from the D.R. It begins with Dominican tobaccos, aged three to four years. The Dominican filler/binder recipe cloaked in a Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf. It’s characterized by a mild-medium flavor with broad appeal. The Classic offers smooth texture and flavors of buttered crackers, fresh-cut hay, sweet honey, light cabinet spices, and freshly cut cedar.


Smoke Inn is Your Cigar Shop

This short article on Dominican cigars is just the first look at regional smokes, just scratching the surface to whet your appetite. We plan to revisit the concept with pieces on the world’s most famous tobacco growing regions and the cigars that we think help exemplify their characteristic styles. There’s still so much more to be said about the D.R. that you shouldn’t be surprised if we make another pass at it. Stay tuned for some hot takes on new products and words from our fellow smokers. We will also be writing about the annual PCA Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas soon and you won’t want to miss that.

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