Black Works Studios The Hornet Cigar Review

A Bold and Unique Sting of Flavor


The Black Works Studios The Hornet cigar is a captivating offering from the renowned Black Works Studios, known for their innovative blends and striking visual appeal. As a dedicated cigar enthusiast, I had the pleasure of savoring this distinctive creation, and I am thrilled to provide you with an all-encompassing review of the The Hornet.




The Hornet cigar immediately stands out with its eye-catching appearance. The dark Ecuadorian Maduro & Candela wrapper is seamlessly applied, exuding a lustrous, oily sheen. The contrasting green gold and black band adds a touch of uniqueness, capturing attention with its bold design. The cigar feels well-constructed, displaying a firmness that promises a satisfying smoking experience.

Pre-light Experience:

Upon inspection, The Hornet releases an enticing pre-light aroma that hints at the intriguing flavors to come. The closed foot presents notes of dark chocolate, earth, and a subtle touch of spice. The cold draw could not be performed because go the closed foot; However, post light provided a perfect resistance, revealing flavors of espresso, cedar, and a hint of sweetness. These pre-light characteristics set the stage for a memorable smoke.

First Third:

Upon ignition, The Hornet asserts its character with a formidable presence. The initial draw unleashes a burst of intense and complex flavors that command attention. Robust notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and black pepper dominate the palate, creating a bold and invigorating experience. The blend showcases a medium-to-full-bodied profile, delivering a satisfying strength without overpowering the senses. The burn is even, accompanied by a generous volume of aromatic smoke.

Second Third:

As the smoke progresses into the second third, The Hornet continues to captivate with its evolving flavor profile. The dark chocolate notes deepen, intertwining with hints of roasted nuts and a subtle earthiness. The black pepper spice remains present but becomes more harmonious, adding a zesty kick to the blend. The construction of the cigar remains exceptional, with a steady burn with occasional corrections and a solid ash that holds firm.

Final Third:

In the final third, The Hornet reaches its climax, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. The flavors intensify, delivering a full-bodied experience that keeps the senses engaged. The dark chocolate takes center stage, accompanied by a rich espresso undertone and a lingering spice. The cigar finishes with a satisfying crescendo, leaving a bold and memorable aftertaste.

BLKWKS Hornet cigar

Final Thoughts:

The Black Works Studios The Hornet cigar is a testament to Black Works Studio’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unique smoking experiences. From its striking appearance to its bold and complex flavor profile, this cigar offers a distinctive sting that will captivate the adventurous aficionado seeking something out of the ordinary. The interplay of dark chocolate, espresso, roasted nuts, and black pepper creates a symphony of flavors that keeps evolving throughout the smoke. Whether you’re seeking an exciting change of pace or simply indulging in a bold and memorable experience, The Hornet is an exceptional choice that promises a truly remarkable journey. The Hornet is a stronger more bold version of the Killer Bee, and for a cigar under $10 (Box purchase), is well priced.

“Savor the moment, Mute life and Embrace the richness of the smoke.” ~ Sarge 08/31/2023


You an purchase the cigar here: BLK WKS Studios Killer Bee | Smoke Inn



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