Best-Selling Cigars of 2023

2023 Best-Sellers

2023 is in the books, and it was quite a year. With a slew of amazing releases, our Smoke Inn Socialite group hitting an amazing 5k user milestone, a fantastic Great Smoke, and tons of exciting developments in the industry, we won’t soon be forgetting this year.

To put a cap on the “year-end” lists from the last few weeks, I thought y’all might like some insight into some of the best-selling cigars from 2023. A few notes: this list is not absolute – I left out repeat cigars because it would be boring to read (would it surprise you to learn that Dunbarton had multiple cigars in out best-sellers, not just the #1 spot??). Additionally, I’m ignoring stuff like event exclusives, TGS cigars, etc. The result is a list of five cigars that really took our sales chart by storm throughout the year! Let’s get into it.

5. Oliva V Melanio

Oliva Serie V Melanio
Oliva Serie V Melanio | Shop Now

We’ll start with #5  – the Oliva Melanio. What’s left to be said about this cigar that hasn’t been said before? For years, Melanio has been racking up 90+ ratings on Cigar Aficionado, and appearances on their Top Cigars of the Year lists. But let’s not write it off as boring – this is quite an accomplishment! In an industry where cigars come and go, Melanio has remained a fan-favorite and a consistent delight for years. Throughout that time Oliva has grown to be a larger company, opened new factories, and released various new sizes and limited edition remixes and extensions to this cigar, yet they’ve managed to keep the core cigar an amazing experience – kudos to that!

4. Micallef Black

Micallef Black Cigars
Micallef Black | Shop Now

Micallef has been in the game for years now, but I don’t think I’ve seen one of their cigars light a spark as quickly as the Micallef Black did! This full-bodied addition to the Micallef portfolio took the Smoke Inn Socialites by storm, and thanks to a few awesome deals and inclusion in our samplers throughout the year, Micallef Black is swinging with industry heavy-hitters like Fuente!

Made in Nicaragua, this cigar features a San Andres wrapper (the 2nd on this list). Crafted to perfection, Micallef Black packs a punch of flavor, with bold character and invigorating strength. Carrying a 5-star customer rating on the site, Socialites like Wes Regnier note, “Banger! That’s all I got! Micallef flexing their skills!” Couldn’t have said it better myself, Wes. Plus, Micallef Black has the added bonus of being just $7-$8 a cigar. Talk about value!

3. OpusX Lost City Collection

OpusX Lost City | Shop Now

While the next two cigars are new releases, OpusX Lost City is a perennial best-seller that hits the top of our sales charts month in and month out. When it’s in stock, that is. Lost City has a storied lineage in the cigar industry, but the long story short is that this cigar includes tobacco that’s replanted right after the spring harvest and allowed to grow late into the summer. The result is a super full-bodied blend from the Dominican Republic that’s crafted in small allotments each year. You’ll find nuances of cinnamon, maple, cabinet spices, leather, and coffee on every puff making this cigar truly worthy of celebrating and marking life’s greatest occasions.

2. Tatuaje Tuxtla Lomo de Cerdo

Seeing Tatuaje on a best-of list shouldn’t be any surprise, and this year’s inclusion was certainly one of my favorite Tatuaje releases of the last few years. The Tuxtla is a “re-release” of sorts, swapping out the Connecticut Broadleaf of the original Pork Tenderloin with a Mexican San Andres wrapper leaf.

Packaged in butcher paper and adorned with a simple green and white band, the Tuxtla may look simple, but the flavor is anything but. Lighting this up, reviewers noted tons of complexity, including sweet cedar, hay, breadiness, spice, and espresso.

1. Sobremesa Brulee Wagashi

Sobremesa Brulee Wagashi Cigars
Sobremesa Brulee Wagashi | Shop Now

One of last year’s biggest releases – forgive us if we’re biased, but the Sobremesa Brulee Wagashi truly took the cigar world by storm when it released. A collaboration between the team here at Smoke Inn, Cigar Dojo, and Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, the Wagashi is an extension on one of DTT’s best-selling blends, so success was to be expected. Even so, this cigar absolutely blew up, with tons of positive coverage and a launch that really tested our warehouse!

When people got their hands on this 6”x50 box-press Toro, they weren’t disappointed! Reviewing it over on Blind Man’s Puff, Randy B. said, “Really enjoyed this Connecticut-wrapped beauty from start to finish.

Transitions were noticeable, and had a nice rhythm, or flow, in between thirds.

Starting with the cream, caramel, graham cracker, and flowing into the toffee, coffee, slightly peppery salty nutty goodness, and ending with a nice pour. I’d recommend this cigar, as well as smoke again! Cheers!”

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