A Bronx Tale by Chazz Palminteri: A Smoke Steeped in Cinematic Inspiration

A Bronx Tale by Chazz Palminteri: A Smoke Steeped in Cinematic Inspiration

The Chazz Palminteri A Bronx Tale cigar, named after the iconic actor and screenwriter, arrives with a certain level of intrigue. This review analyzes the cigar based on its construction, aroma, flavor profile, and overall smoking experience, keeping in mind the potential influence of its namesake film.

Construction and Appearance:

The A Bronx Tale comes in four vitolas: Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, and Gordo. This review focuses on the Robusto size, featuring a 5 ½ inch length and a 52 ring gauge. The Ecuadoran Habano wrapper boasts a light to medium brown color with a slight sheen. The cigar feels firm to the touch without being overly packed.


Pre-light, the A Bronx Tale offers a mild to medium aroma. Cedar notes are dominant, accompanied by subtle hints of cocoa and barnyard earth. The aroma suggests a potentially smooth and earthy smoke.

Flavor Profile:

The initial light reveals a medium-bodied smoke with a relatively easy draw. The first puffs present a combination of cedar and baking spice flavors, with a touch of sweetness lingering on the palate. As the cigar progresses into the second third, the cedar notes become more prominent, joined by hints of leather and black pepper. The sweetness remains subtle, providing a touch of balance. Moving into the final third, the cedar notes remain dominant, joined by a slight increase in the pepper spice. The sweetness fades away, and the overall profile remains consistent. The burn is even throughout, producing a moderate amount of smoke.

The Movie Inspiration:

While the cigar’s name evokes the classic film “A Bronx Tale,” the flavor profile doesn’t directly reflect the movie’s themes. The film explores the contrasting worlds of gangsters and family life, and one might expect a bolder or more robust smoke to parallel that contrast. However, the A Bronx Tale cigar leans towards a milder and smoother profile. While the cigar doesn’t directly replicate the film’s plot, certain aspects evoke its themes. The cedar and earth notes can be interpreted as representing the grounded nature of Calogero’s family life, while the hints of cocoa and spice add a touch of intrigue, mirroring the allure of the gangster world. The smooth draw and overall balance reflect the film’s exploration of contrasting forces.

Overall Experience:

The A Bronx Tale by Chazz Palminteri offers a pleasant and approachable smoking experience for a wider range of palates. The medium-bodied profile and focus on cedar and cocoa notes make it an enjoyable smoke.

The A Bronx Tale delivers a decent smoking experience for those seeking a mild to medium-bodied cigar with cedar and earthy undertones. However, the connection to the film’s themes is tenuous based solely on the flavor profile.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Strength: The A Bronx Tale falls into the medium-bodied range.
  • Smoke Time: Expect a smoking time of around 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Value: With a price point around $12.40 per cigar, the A Bronx Tale falls within the mid-range of the cigar market.

Chazz Palminteri's A Bronx Tale

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Savor the moment, Mute life and Embrace the richness of the smoke.” ~ Sarge 03/19/2024

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