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Tatuaje Gran Cojonu 5 Pack
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Tatuaje Gran Cojonu 5 Pack

After years of flying below the radar, Tatuaje has now blown up into one of America's most sought after brands produced by Pete Johnson. Rolled in the heart of Miami's "Little Havana" at the "El Rey de Los Habanos" factory, Tatuaje has brought master tobacconist Jose "Pepin" Garcia into the spotlight of American cigar aficionados. Working for the Cuban government since he was thirteen, Pepin soon became one of the most respected rollers on the island of Cuba.Tatuaje is a cigar that was built on reputation and word of mouth. The Tatuaje is very limited, so don't miss out on trying this true Cuban classic. Cigars are rolled with a beautiful Cuban triple-cap and are Medium to Full in flavor.
6.5 x 60


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