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International Shipping Insurance

Smoke Inn International Indemnity Insurance covers loss due to customs seizures and lost in transit packages, up to $500/USD order.

A Reimbursement credit will be issued via SmokeInn.com once claim is verified and approved. *

To file a claim, the following requirements must be provided.

  • Order ID #
  • Name
  • Customs Seizure Letter
  • Tracking Update "Held in Customs"
  • OR No updated tracking information for 32 days.

Shipping charges are non-refundable. Any package deemed ‘delivered’ by carrier are the responsibility of customer and/or carrier.

For more questions about our International Indemnity Insurance, or to file a claim, email [email protected]

*Reimbursement credit will be issued for full amount of order (minus shipping) for future use on SmokeInn.com. Depending on the circumstances of your insurance claim, credit/reimbursement may be issued other methods.