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The Great Smoke 2018

For over a decade, Smoke Inn Smoke Shop has treated cigar enthusiasts to one of the country's most exciting gatherings of cigar manufacturers, personalities, live entertainment, and much more. This is The Great Smoke, a place for like-minded hobbyists to not only smoke some of the world's best cigars, but to meet the names behind the cigars as well!

One of the main draws to The Great Smoke (TGS) has always been the hand-picked selection of cigars given to event attendees. At Smoke Inn, we don't simply "throw in" surplus cigars, no, we take pride in delivering the cigars we're personally excited about. It's all a part of our motto—"If we don’t carry it, it’s not worth smoking!"

Now, we've found a way to "tide you over" while smokers patiently wait for the next Great Smoke Mega HERF... Introducing The Great Smoke Cigar Samplers! We've carefully assembled three samplers of cigars from past TGS events, highlighting Robusto, Toro, and Various cigar sizes.

For the Robusto Sampler, cigars range from 4.5" to 5.5", using ring gauges from 48 to 54. This is often regarded as the benchmark size in the modern cigar era. Our Toro Sampler selection ranges from 5.5" to 6.5" and ring gauges of 48 to 56. These are balanced cigars with longer smoking times than their Robusto counterparts. And the Various sampler, well, you can probably guess that all bets are off... All we can say is that the sampler contains premium cigar selections only!

We hope you enjoy The Great Smoke Samplers and that they may provide a nostalgic reminder that the next event is closer than you think. Stay tuned for more details on The Great Smoke 2019—Smoke Inn's 13th annual gathering!

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The Great Smoke 2018 Toro Sampler

The Great Smoke 2018 Toro Sampler includes 10...

Retail price: $89.65


The Great Smoke 2018 Robusto Sampler

The Great Smoke 2018 Robusto Sampler includes 10...

Retail price: $87.90


The Great Smoke 2018 Variety Sampler

The Great Smoke 2018 Variety Sampler includes 10...

Retail price: $92.55


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