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I feel that I must warn you before you read on: I am cursed! Let me rewind. This morning, getting ready for work, I tripped and cracked a precariously placed mirror in the hallway. This was directly after opening an umbrella in the closet (don't ask), which just so happens to be located directly under a 13-rung ladder! (We have a lot of construction going on in the house).

Art solely intended for the purposes of satire.
Only $29.95

Released September 25, 2020


  • 1 - La Palina Classic Connecticut Toro
  • 1 - Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Nicaragua Toro
  • 1 - Oliva Melanio Robusto
  • 1 - JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Robusto
  • 1 - Nat Sherman Timeless Dominican 556
  • 1 - Bellas Artes Maduro Toro
  • 1 - Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure
  • 1 - New World Oscuro Gordo
  • 1 - Epsinosa 601 Blue Label Maduro Toro
  • 1 - Undercrown Sun Grown Gordito

I've come up with a list of superstitious cigar-based remedies:

  • Drop your ash, toss it over your left shoulder
  • Hang a rabbit's foot from your cigar while smoking (very annoying but worth it)
  • Grab your cigars heads up from the humidor
  • Don't fall asleep while smoking (mostly just common sense)
  • Knock three times on wooden cigar boxes (this one's difficult for me walking through our humidors)
  • Skip town (not cigar related, but with my luck, it can't hurt)

Luckily, I've hand-picked this week's Hot Weekly Deal cigars to be curse proof! Honestly, these cigars are so good, I wouldn't care if they were cursed. I'm talking about headlining smokes such as Undercrown Sun Grown Gordito, Oliva Melanio Robusto, Bellas Artes Maduro Toro. There are 10 cigars in all, with the full kit weighing in at 62% off retail. That's right, $34.95 and you'll be smoking guilt free! (For budgetary and superstitious reasons, no doubt).

I just wonder if this four-leaf clover is going to smoke well wrapped over my cigar...

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Hot Weekly Deal

Hot Weekly Deal -
Lucky Sampler

Price: $34.95
Retail: $90.95

Released 9/25/20

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