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Abe's Hot Weekly Deal

Only $29.95

Hello Friends,

Here's a little-known fact (that I certainly didn't make up for this week's Hot Weekly Deal): your ol' pal, Honest Abe, has recently undergone the arduous training to become a certified sommelier. You heard that right, not only am I the most trusted source in what you should be smoking, but now I got your back in the realm of pairings; just call me the jack of all things tasty!

Art solely intended for the purposes of satire.
Only $29.95

Released May 17, 2019


  • 1 - Perdomo 20th Maduro Epicure
  • 1 - Brickhouse Connecticut Toro
  • 1 - Archetype Strange Passage Robusto
  • 1 - La Aurora 1962 Corojo Churchill
  • 1 - Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Toro
  • 1 - RYJ By Romeo Toro
  • 1 - Rocky Patel Olde World Maduro Toro
  • 1 - Oliva O Maduro Churchill
  • 1 - EPC Inch Maduro No. 60
  • 1 - Undercrown Maduro Gran Toro

With 10 supremely satisfying cigars in this week's deal, I'm going to break each cigar down with my ideal pairing. Warning: performing these pairings in the wild may result in extreme enjoyment. If palate stimulation lasts longer than four hours, consult your doctor.

  • Perdomo 20th Maduro: jar of Nutella and Netflix binge
  • Brickhouse Connecticut: bacon and creamy coffee
  • Archetype Strange Passage: Indian Rogan Josh (strange but tasty)
  • La Aurora 1962 Corojo: old fashioned cocktail and pigs in a blanket
  • Alec Bradley American Sun Grown: Pabst Blue Ribbon and red chile hummus
  • RYJ By Romeo: Cuban sandwich
  • Rocky Patel Olde World Maduro: an episode of Game of Thrones
  • Oliva O Maduro: chocolate chip cookies and bourbon
  • EPC Inch Maduro: big ol' bag of Hostess Donettes Frosted Mini Donuts
  • Undercrown Maduro: barleywine and 85% dark chocolate bar
You can make this perfectly choreographed checklist of pairings last a week or a month; that's your call. But with 67% in savings (all 10 cigars for $29.95), I'd recommend stocking up and inviting a few buddies over to share the wealth!

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