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Abe's Hot Weekly Deal

Only $29.95

Summer's greetings,

This is it, folks! We've hit that sweet spot of the year, where daylight remains until bedtime, the sound of corn bags hitting board can be heard throughout the neighborhood, and the poolside has become your second home!

Art solely intended for the purposes of satire.
Only $29.95

Released June 26, 2020


  • 1 - Gurkha Real Toro
  • 1 - Cubico Toro
  • 1 - Ortega Wild Bunch Tony the Boss
  • 1 - Alec Bradley American Classic Toro
  • 1 - Perdomo 10th Champagne Epicure
  • 1 - Archetype Dawn of Destiny Robusto
  • 1 - Padilla 1948 Robusto
  • 1 - New World Gordo Virrey
  • 1 - La Gloria Serie R Maduro No. 4
  • 1 - Flor de las Antillas Robusto

That's right, pools are finally opening up across the country, meaning it's time to start working on your tan while churning through cases of beer and burning through your winter stockpile of cigars! While you're at it, don't forget to spice the activities up with some classic summer pranks. Maybe you start off by finger-tracing something on the spouse with the sunscreen—gotta appreciate some quality sunburn art! Is that a Baby Ruth at the bottom of the pool?! Then there's the strategic placement of yellow food coloring, or maybe you just don't clean the backyard pool for a couple weeks and let the kids find out the wonders of chlorine the hard way...

Truthfully, it's the non-stop smoking potential of summer that gets the blood flowing, which is why I've assembled this week's bundle to handle the task. Of course, there's the all-star smokes such as Gurkha Real, Alec Bradley American Classic, and Archetype Dawn of Destiny, but it's the supporting cigars that make this week's deal really shine (a team is only as strong as its weakest player, after all). The full kit of 10 cigars is priced at $34.95, bringing cost down by 58%!

Gotta go work on my cannonball form, these kids aren't gonna splash themselves!

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Hot Weekly Deal

Hot Weekly Deal -

Price: $34.95
Retail: $83.95

Released 6/26/20

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