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Cigar Dojo Alec & Bradley Uru Doshi
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Cigar Dojo Alec & Bradley Uru Doshi

Craft cigar fanatics, get ready for a special, limited-edition project that can only be made possible every four years! We're speaking of a special collaboration between Alec & Bradley Cigars and Cigar Dojo; a release that is designed to coincide with the 2020 leap year, launching exclusively through Smoke Inn on Feb. 29th (i.e. Leap Day!).

Being inspired by Cigar Dojo's Asian influence, the cigar is dubbed Uru Doshi—the Japanese translation of leap year. This theme follows through to the packaging as well, featuring traditional Japanese-inspired artwork with a modern twist. Brothers Alec and Bradley Rubin have been making waves in the craft cigar space in recent years, offering their unique perspective (as compared to parent company, Alec Bradley) through edgier, modernized smoking profiles. This is perhaps best evidenced with Uru Doshi, boasting a bright and atypical flavor profile, derived by selecting tobaccos from lots not seen throughout Alec Bradley’s acclaimed portfolio. This translates to a medium-bodied performance with a focus on flavor, including highly approachable flavors of sweetened condensed milk, bright cedar, iron-rich red meat, mixed nuts, and a deep jam-like sweetness in the background.

Only 300 bundles of 10 cigars have been crafted for Leap Day 2020, with Uru Doshi being rolled in a singular 6" x 52 toro format. As this special occasion only presents itself every four years, smokers that like a challenge are encouraged to stock up and age a portion of their Uru Doshi cigars until the next Leap Day! Who knows, there may just be a followup release to compare the original to...

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6 x 52


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