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Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collection

Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collection

In March 2014, roughly two years after Cigar Dojo emerged as the first socially geared cigar smartphone app, the platform teamed with Drew Estate and Smoke Inn to introduce the legendary Undercrown Dogma cigar. Dogma was the first of its kind, featuring a tweaked/amped-up version of the Undercrown blend that made for a more intense and full-flavored smoking experience. Undercrown Dogma was also the first box-pressed Undercrown cigar, which noticeably increased the cigar's complexity and draw. When this rare beast was originally released, it sold out almost instantaneously—this was the beginning of the cigar's "unicorn status," where prices ramped up quickly on the secondary market and demand surged for the wildly popular maduros.

In 2017, Cigar Dojo teamed with Camacho Cigars to release Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged—the most innovative Dojo blend to date! For ISBA, four barrels formerly containing Ten FIDY Imperial Stout (a craft beer fan-favorite) were shipped to Honduras and re-filled with Camacho's signature Original Corojo tobacco. After six months of fermentation and rotation within the barrels, the leaves were combined with Camacho's popular Triple Maduro blend. ISBA kicks off with a punchy spice, which is later rounded out by loads of roasted malts, dark chocolate, and a touch of sweet vanilla/bourbon buzz in the retrohale.

The final Dojo blend introduces a classic and Cuban-esque experience with Dojo de Luxe by Quesada Cigars. This special blend was crafted by Quesada master blender Manuel Quesada—one of the most respected talents in the cigar industry. Dojo de Luxe is a throwback to the nuance and delicacy of vintage smoking experiences, using an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over Dominican fillers and a special perfecto shape to deliver the most refined smoking experience in the Dojo Collection.

Recently, Smoke Inn has secured a select number of all three Cigar Dojo collaborations (yes, even the original, ultra-rare Undercrown Dogma—don't ask us how...). We've combined all three releases to deliver the die-hard enthusiast/collector the Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collection! This rare collection features 1 bundle of Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged and 5 Undercrown Dogma cigars. As an added bonus, we're adding 4 Dojo de Luxe cigars, free of charge (while supplies last).

Note: as we are aware many enthusiasts have been seeking the "full Dogma experience," those that purchase multiple collections (e.g. 2 orders, 4 orders, 6 orders, etc.) will receive full, unopened bundles of Undercrown Dogma cigars. In addition, each additional order will receive an additional 4 Dojo de Luxe cigars—no limits!

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Pack: 19
Size: Varies
Smoke Inn Price: $149.75
Retail Price: $189.75
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