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Camacho Candela Robusto

Camacho Candela Robusto

Gear up for Saint Patrick's Day 2018 with all things green! This, believe it or not, includes your premium cigar of choice. It's long been a tradition within the world of premium cigars, that the industry's biggest names seize the opportunity to "loosen their ties" and get a little experimental... We're speaking, of course, about the mythical candela-shade cigar!

Camacho Candela Robusto is Camacho's answer to the "green challenge," bringing this fan-favorite back for the first time since 2007. Essentially, they have taken their signature Camacho Corojo blend and replaced the cigar's wrapper with a new candela-cured Criollo leaf—retaining the bold character of the original but with a new twist!

Candela leaves take on their eye-catching, green appearances from a unique curing process, where the leaves undergo much higher temperatures while hanging in the curing barns. This heat "locks in" the leaf’s chlorophyll content, giving the tobacco its green shade. Because of Camacho Candela Robusto's strong filler/binder components, this cigar packs a punch, with the sweetness of the candela leaf providing the perfect balance.

Join the fun and treat your taste buds to the boldest candela cigar on the market—Saint Patrick would be proud.


Pack: 25
Size: 5 x 50
Smoke Inn Price: $160.00
Retail Price: $200.00
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Pack: 5
Size: 5 x 50
Smoke Inn Price: $50.00

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